Live-In or 24-Hour Care

24-Hour Support for South Brisbane Seniors & Their Families

Constant care and companionship offer many advantages to ageing seniors. With this level of support, care needs can be met any time of day or night. Seniors feel more comfortable at home, and family members feel secure knowing their loved ones are always cared for. Home Care Assistance of South Brisbane, QLD, offers a premium level of support to seniors with heightened assistance needs. Our professional live-in carers remain in the home and available to assist with a variety of non-medical needs. With our 24-hour live-in care services, ageing in place is safer, more comfortable, and easier, making this important goal realistic for many seniors. 

There are many indications live-in care might be appropriate for a senior, including:

  • Increasing care needs
  • Constant or increased confusion
  • Progression through the stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • Hospital discharge
  • Feeling isolated and wanting constant companionship
  • Long-distance carers feeling less confident leaving their loved ones alone

Our Live-In Care Plans Designed to Meet Individual Care Needs

Home Care Assistance South Brisbane live-in care plans are designed with the highest level of flexibility. Our carers cater to the senior’s schedule and preferences, and the care plan is purposely adapted to meet the client’s needs and goals while also respecting the desire for independence. As needs change, the care plan evolves to always meet them. Our Care Managers also remain on call 24-hours a day to assist with emergencies, answer questions, and handle concerns. This helps families feel confident with the care their loved ones are receiving and encourages seniors to welcome our carers into their homes. 

Our Holistic Balanced Care Method Promotes Quality of Life

South Brisbane Home Care Assistance recognises that accepting around-the-clock care is difficult for many seniors. To make the transition to having professional support in the home easier, seniors and their carers are matched based on likes and dislikes and various personality traits. This approach encourages bonding and helps seniors connect with their carers, making the home care experience a happier and more productive one all around. Our live-in carers are prepared to assist with many different situations and enhance quality of life. Our Balanced Care Method is part of our approach to make life healthier and more meaningful while supporting longevity. All ourcarers are trained in this program through our innovative Home Care University. They are then prepared to use these methods in the homes of our live-in care clients to provide holistic, meaningful, around-the-clock care. 

Learn more about the high-quality live-in care at Home Care Assistance by calling 07 3172 5047 or 0421 330 734 to request your complimentary evaluation. We also offer hourly respite care and specialised Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s care.